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Top quality service to every one of our customers, no matter how big or small!

At Golden State Fasteners we built a solid reputation for providing the best service and quality products. Our full line of industrial fasteners offer you a complete one-stop source for hydraulic hose and fittings, cam car floor screws, cherry, pop brand rivets and domestic drill bits.

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Golden State Fastener and Supply Co. opened as a small fastener company in 1976. Because of our loyal customers we couldn’t help but grow along with the needs of our expanding customer base throughout the golden state.

Today, we serve not only California and the pacific northwest but also are pleased and proud to serve the entire nation and international customers as well. We pledge nothing but the best service and quality and to continue in our family business model and tradition of courteous professional services. We are here for you and strive to help your business thrive.

Our shelves are stocked with all your business needs from nuts & bolts in kits to boxed drill bits or custom order stainless steel fittings and much much more.Our friendly staff is here to help you.

Please contact us by either phone, fax or email. Also, use our convenient contact form to upload any documents or typed message at the click of a button. Service is everything. Making our customers happy is our #1 goal.

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What We Sell

Nuts & Bolts
Terminals, Wire & Other

What we stock

  • We proudly stock N. American Made
    •     > Grade 5 Cap Screws (Course & Fine)
    •     > Grade 8 Cap Screws (Course & Fine)
    • Elevator & Step Bolts
    • Hex Nuts
    • Lock Nuts
    • Flange Nuts
    • & More...
We stock a wide range of brass products form spring gards & to couplings to male connectors, unions and Pipe.
  • > Nail Rivets
  • > Nylon Rivets
  • > Buck Rivets
  • > Mono Bolts / Interlocks
  • > Flat (USS & SAE)
  • > Lock
  • > Nylon
  • > Fender
  • > Heat Shrink
  • > Non-Insulated
  • > Nylon & Vinyl
  • > Primary and Trailer Wire
If we do not have it in stock we can always try to special order bulk. Call for more details.

Custom Bin Configurations

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)




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